Thursday, July 14, 2011

White Rose Transmission live album out now!



New WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION Live album out now! "Spinning Webs at Night"
Release date: May 6 - 2011- Label: ECHOZONE

White Rose Transmission - Silent Air (live) - cover version of the original track by The Sound - words & music by Adrian Borland - Recorded live at 'Gallerie Message' - Mönchengladbach - Germany - May 14 - 2010

Carlo van Putten: vocals
Rob Keijzer: acoustic guitar
Frank Weyzig: guitar, keys & backing tracks

this track is available on the new wrt live album
"Spinning Webs at Night"
release date: May 07 - 2011
label: Echozone

You can order the album online:

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